Hybrid CMOS SiPIN Detectors as Astronomical Imagers

My thesis is entitled Hybrid CMOS SiPIN Detectors as Astronomical Imagers. It's based on the work I did with the Teledyne HyViSIs (Hybrid Visible Silicon Imager) during my graduate career at Stanford. This work was done at the Stanford LSST Detector Laboratory, Rochester Imaging Detector Laboratory, Teledyne Imaging Sensors, and Kitt Peak National Observatory.

The title is extremely esoteric, but I tried to make up for it by providing a brief introduction to visible and near infrared imagers in the first chapter, which will hopefully explain just what a HyViSI is. The next two chapters are comprised largely of more introductory material and the theory behind the HyViSI. The remaining four show how the empirical results match up to what one might expect. The last chapter presents a theory and simulations to explain latent images and persistence in Hybrid CMOS SiPIN detectors. This theory does not conflict with any of our observations, but could definitely use more rigorous testing to put it on solid ground.

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